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Top 5 Elbow Music posts of 2015

Thank you for visiting Elbow Music in 2015. It’s been a bumper year for the site, and I’m planning some developments very shortly, so please keep coming back, or sign up to the Facebook group or newsletters to keep informed.

I wish you many good musical wishes for 2016, and in the meantime, here are the top five most-visited posts of 2015:

No.1 An interview with the cellist’s cellist, Gary Hoffman

No.2 My report on some strange results at the Queen Elisabeth Violin Competition in June

No.3 My violinist’s guide to playing the mandolin, with advice from Chris Thile

No.4 Former Vermeer Quartet leader Shmuel Ashkenasi discusses the negative sides of Ilona Fehér’s ‘tough love’ school of teaching, and of violin competitions

No.5 The case for modern instruments: when violinist Frank Peter Zimmermann had to give up his borrowed Strad in February, I challenged him to go modern

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