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A selection of my writing, including journalism, programme notes, client work, publications and opinion pieces




The Brodsky Quartet at 50 (The Musician magazine)

Pen to pixels: the development of classical music fandom (BBC Music magazine)

How has violin sound developed through the years (BBC Music magazine)

Lessons for life (Music Teacher)

Eye contact in classical music (BBC Music magazine)

Join the Club (Music Teacher)

Stentor at 125 (Music Teacher)

The forgotten musical genius of Charlie Chaplin (Guardian)
The ways benefactors can help musicians (Financial Times)

Interview with Maxine Kwok-Adams (The Musician – page 14)

Amateur dramatics (Guardian)

Censored Sounds (Barbican)

​​Spotlight on Gallions Primary School (ISM)

Arabella Steinbacher discusses Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto (Gramophone)​​​

My time at Magic Mountain practice retreat (The Strad)

Programme notes


André J Thomas – Gospel Explosion (LSO)

Jess Gillam on building the ideal programme (Barbican)

James McVinnie on Philip Glass (Barbican)

Tai Murray on Schubert and Schumann (Barbican)

Maxim Vengerov on Mozart and Prokofiev (Barbican)

Interview with Nicola Benedetti for programme notes (Barbican)

The Simply Quartet (Barbican)

Johane Dalene (Barbican)

Antoine Tamestit on Jörg Widmann (LSO)

Programme notes for 12 Ensemble (Barbican)

Leila Josefowicz on new music (LSO)

Vilde Frang on Britten (LSO)

François-Xavier Roth on Dukas (LSO)

Renaud Capuçon on Beethoven's violin sonatas (Southbank Centre)

Viktoria Mullova on playing Mozart for the first time (Southbank Centre)

Client work


Norman Rosenberg – the musician's expert (Ingles & Hayday)

Interview with Bojan Čičić (Academy of Ancient Music)

Interview with Sarah McMahon (Academy of Ancient Music)

Interview with Laurence Cummings (Academy of Ancient Music)

Alexei Lvov and his Vuillaume (Ingles & Hayday)

Looking for Bernadel (Ingles & Hayday)

Remembering Martin Lovett (Ingles & Hayday)

Edward Dusinberre on quartet life (Wigmore Hall)

CD booklet notes for Gil Shaham's recording of Bach Sonatas and Partitas (Canary Classics)

Arnold Steinhardt discusses his favourite instruments (Cozio)

Rachel Barton-Pine on the fine violins she’s played (Cozio)

James Ehnes talks about the ‘Marsick’ Strad (Cozio)

Vadim Gluzman talks about his Strad (Cozio)

John Woolrich on writing for string players (Cozio)

Viktoria Mullova on having a personal sound (Cozio)​​

Thomas Demenga on falling in love with cellos (Cozio)

Interview with Clio Gould (Royal Academy of Music)

Renaud Capuçon on Beethoven's violin sonatas (Southbank Centre)

Arnold Steinhardt discusses his favourite instruments (Cozio)

Publications (as editor)


HarrisonParrott 50th anniversary book

HarrisonParrott 50th anniversary concert programme

Guildhall School of Music & Drama Events Guide Autumn 2018

Guildhall School of Music & Drama Annual Report 2017/18

ISM Music Journal May/June 2018
Baltic Sea Music Education Foundation newsletter, September 2016

Opinion pieces for The Strad


Music institutions must take responsibility for setting boundaries in student–teacher relationships

Secret commissions – the dark side of teaching

Painting violins is wrong

Do top ten lists miss the whole point of music?

Careless talk costs lives

Why we should question our prejudices

Hey, I got a social disease

The teaching wisdom of Bruno Giuranna

What do you do when the person in front of you at the Wigmore Hall starts texting?

Eye contact in orchestras

How to teach a stringed instrument you’ve never played before

Cellist Gary Hoffman on Brahms, vibrato and finding the perfect tempo

How to make a five-string viola

Colin Davis 1927–2013: a personal tribute

Thomas Brandis on working with Herbert von Karajan

The advantages of modern instruments

What conductors want from string players, according to Antonio Pappano

Double blind tests – the inside story

Random play at the Proms

String quartets for breakfast

Do violin competitions face extinction?

How planes, trains and automobiles can help your technique

The skills we learn as musicians can counteract today’s short attention spans

Historic moments and sage advice in Indiana

Violins on fire

When violins dominate the world

Lounge Ligeti

Maxim Vengerov makes his Wigmore Hall comeback

Music of the heart

When is a violin not a violin?

Pinchas Zukerman’s special violin ritual

Violin makers share the knowledge at Oberlin

Gary Hoffman on why you should sing when you practise

California cellists

What do wines and violins have in common?

A visit to the Library of Congress

The legend of Stradivari lingers on

Memories of János Starker

James Ehnes, Charles Beare and three Strads at the Sheldonian

A visit to the Kronberg Violin Masterclasses

Three top violinists in London in a week

Flamenco drove me to Dounis

Client wok
Programme notes
Opinion pieces
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