Calleva Collection


A selection of pictures of the new instruments commissioned for the Royal Academy of Music from some of today's finest luthiers


Read my Classical Music magazine article about the collection.


Photos courtesy Royal Academy of Music/Calleva Collection

Primon 2013.jpeg

Luca Primon violin, 2013

Gotting 2012.jpeg

Christoph Gotting violin, 2012

Robin viola 2014.jpeg

Patrick Robin viola, 2014

Andrea Frandsen 2014 viola.jpeg

Andrea Frandsen viola, 2014

Grubaugh Seifert 2013.jpeg

Joseph Grubaugh & Sigrun Seifert cello, 2013

Fairfax 2013.jpeg

Andrew Fairfax violin, 2013

Mario Miralles viola 2012 .jpeg

Mario Miralles viola, 2012

Cauche 2010 viola.jpeg

Antoine Cauche viola, 2010

Beare 2010.jpeg

Peter Beare violin, 2010

Ravatin 2014.jpeg

Frank Ravatin cello, 2014